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Connecticut Coins Click on the left coin image for larger photos

WASS-MOLITAR $50.00 Gold
The company Wass-Molitar was formed on Nov. 25, 1852.  Count Stephen C. Wass & Agoston P. Molitar were Hungarians that operated a most advanced gold smelting & Assay plant & were highly praised for their workmanship by the San Francisco Herald.
Their coinage continued in 1855 in $10, $20, & the spectacular $50.00 gold piece. 


Wass Molitar gold
Wass Molitar back

KELLOGG  $20.00 Gold
The Kellogg & Co. was formed in 1854.The output of $20.00 gold pieces was phenomenal, probably $1000 a day or up to $300,000 in all.  They were identical to the U.S. coins except for the word “Kellogg” in the headdress, instead of “Liberty” & on the reverse San Francisco, instead of United States of America.
An Exact Replica Gold Finish


Kellogg coin
Kellogg back

U.S. Assay Office $20 Gold
When the U.S. Assay Office was established on Jan.28, 1851, the duties were done by Augustus Humbert, who was a New York watch case maker.  A private mint owned by Moffat & Co. immediately offered their services & received a contract the following day Jan 29, 1851, which announced the opening of the U.S.Assay Office.  The Office received the authority to strike gold coins in the values of $10 & $20.00 on January 7,1852 from Secretary Corwin. The reverse has an embossed surface known as “engine turning” (a wed-like pattern that was impossible to duplicate).  The obverse has the legend “United States of America” & the value of $10 or $2o.00. CG-4 $20 coin


CG-4A $10 coin


CA Assay gold
CA Assay gold

NORRIS, GREG $5.00 Gold Piece
These $5.00 gold coins were described to be the first California Pioneer Gold Piece struck at Benicia City.  Norris & Greg, who were members of a New York engineering firm, which manufactured & sold iron pipes & fittings were the ones responsible for this coin. 
An Exact Replica Gold Finish


Norris Greg coin
Norris Greg coin

PARSON & COMPANY Assay Ingot 1860
Assay ingots are the rarest and least understood. Gold bars or ingots were made by frontier Assayers. Dr. John Parsons operated in South Park at the Tarryall Mines. Ingots were crude and prone to being shaved and clipped around the edges by people who still tried to pass them at full value. Gold Finish


Gold ingot front gold ingot back