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Connecticut Coins“TWELVE CAESARS”
Romans started the practice of minting silver coins in the same manner as the Greeks, around 270 B.C. The silver coin known as a Denarius became the most popular coin of the Roman Republic & later, the Roman Empire. 

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During the last years as the rulerof Rome, Julius Caesar, took the step of having his portrait on the current coinage.  These were the first coins minted to show the likeness of a living man.  This practice was followed by his successors.


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JULIUS CAESAR: was a ruthless ruler of armies throughout Rome.  He gained wealth & power & became ruler of Rome from 49-44 B.C.  He was assassinated in 44 B.C., by enemies who found him to be too ambitious.  Mark Anthony, Caesars most trusted General & Octavian Augustus, Caesar’s nephew & adopted son were involved in his murder.


Julius 44BC julius 44BC

AUGUSTUS: ruled well for 56 years.  He restored Peace, he had a standing army to defend his lands, improved the administration, promoted better standards of public & private relations, above all maintained law & order.  Augustus died a natural death in 14 A.D.
The next 4 rulers of Rome were related to Augustus by birth or marriage.


Augustus 14 AD Augustus 14 AD

TIBERIUS 14-37 A.D.: during whose reign, Christwas crucified.  Gaius succeeded him, better known as Caligula.


Tiberius 37 AD Tiberius 37AD

CALIGULA 37-41 A.D.: ruled with absolute reckless spending, callous murders, humiliation of the Senate & inept foreign policy.  He was assassinated, which ended the tyranny.


Caligula 41AD Caligula 41AD

CLAUDIUS 41-54 A.D.:  He ruled well by enlarging the Empire overseas by incorporating Mauretania, Lycia, Thrace, & annexing Britain.  He was murdered by his fourth wife Hippina, because she was impatient for her 16 year-old son by a previous marriage, to become successor.


Claudius 41 AD Claudius Back

NERO 54-68A.D.:  He is recorded to have been a Vicious ruler.  He murdered his stepbrother, mother, wife, & tutor.  He was the first to execute Christians. Under Nero, revolt flared in Judea, brought on by the cruelty of the Roman soldiers.  Nero committed suicide.


Nero 66 AD Nero 66 AD

GALBA: ruled after Nero’s suicide from June 68- Jan. 69. Otho murdered him.


Galba 69 AD Galba 69AD

OTHO:  ruled from Jan. 69 – April 69.  Otho’s army was defeated by Vitellius & Otho committed suicide.


Otho 69AD Otho Back

VITELLIUS:  His army was defeated by Vespasian, who was pronounced Emperor by the Senate on the death of Vitellius.


Vitellius 69 ad Vitellius Back

VESPASIAN: ruled from 69-79 A.D. during which period his son, Titus brought the bloody war in Judea to an end by besieging, capturing & destroying Jerusalem.  In order to rehabilitate the public financer, ruined by Nero, Vespasian introduced a poll tax on Jews & practiced stringent economies.  He died in 79 A.D RO-10

Vespasian 79 AD Vespasian

TITUS: ruled after his father died from 79- 81 A.D. During which time two big tragedies occurred, the volcanic eruption of Pompeii, & the Great Fire of Rome.  Titus died at an early age & his brother succeeded the throne.


Titus 81AD Titus 81AD

DOMITIAN: ruled after his older brother died, from 81-96 A.D.  He was acclaimed by the Praetorians & ratified by the Senate.  He aimed at administrative efficiency in which he did succeed, but he was disliked by the Senate for ignoring their dignity & was assassinated in 96 A.D.


Domitian 96 Domitian 96AD